“I had an Abortion because I wanted to.”

Kevin Ambrose
February 7th, 2017.

When the Left says Abortion on demand without apologies they mean it. The slippery slope that furthers the agenda of the death cult continues to get slicker as feminists invent new reasons to justify the murder of their children. A user on Reddit went so far as to gloat about her recent trip to an infanticide clinic by saying that: “I had an abortion because I wanted to.”

She writes:

I’ve read a lot lately about why women choose to have abortions. Economics, work opportunities, age, relationships, etc. But me? I had an abortion last week because I wanted to.

Please take note of this, dear reader. She admits that the reason most women pursue an abortion is due to reasons rooted in selfishness and perceived hardships. This is contradictory to the talking point used by the Left to say that abortion must be readily available in the case of rape, abortion or bodily harm to the mother. The inconvenient truth for Pro-Death advocates is that less than one percent of abortions are for this purpose. As the Reddit user accurately portrays the real purpose of abortion is as a means to get out of responsibility for one’s actions.

I’m in my early 30’s, financially stable, in a 2 year relationship with my boyfriend and on birth control. I have never been pregnant and consider myself a fairly responsible person…

Not responsible enough to take a pill on time every day or to live by the consequences of your actions. But… fairly responsible.

I found out earlier this month that I was pregnant and nearly had a nervous breakdown. My boyfriend and I are at the point in our relationship when we’re thinking about maybe moving forward in our lives together – but I don’t want to be a person that forces him into anything. I also don’t want to have something control my life that I have made every considerable effort to avoid.

Reading this admission it’s easy to forget that this woman is in her early thirties. She structures her position as though she’s 19 years old and torn between childhood and becoming a (fairly) responsible member of society. Yet this is the mindset that liberals keep throughout their adult lives. She says she’s worried about forcing her boyfriend into something yet doesn’t say what he actually thinks about the prospect of them having a child together. Did she even ask him? The answer is probably no. Most feminists believe that a man’s opinion is void in the question of life versus death for a child.

The range of emotions I experienced were incredible. I went back and forth every day. I’d even started to convince myself that this was a great idea and I was going to do it – with our without my boyfriend.

It sounds like things were going well. I wonder what could have changed her mind?

I then went to see my therapist.


We had an incredibly long conversation and I realized the reason I was so scared to terminate my pregnancy was the shame and guilt I felt from growing up in a conservative Midwest environment

There’s a reason why Therapists have the highest rates of suicide among professional workers in the US. Their entire system is a Leftist crucible of Marxist concepts and Pro-Death ideas. By attempting to fix spiritual problems with psychological solutions the Therapist not only fails the patient but also themselves. In this case the woman went to the Doctor looking for reinforcement and instead was given an easy out. An out she would subsequently take.

This is a favored tactic of the death cult. This weakness can only be enabled by scapegoating the principles which our culture is built upon. The conservative Midwest environment is what academic centers across the country rally against. To the death cult abortion is not an act of murder but rather a revolutionary protest against the Christian men who settled this land.

The idea that I didn’t want to have a baby but could afford it was selfish and monstrous…

It is selfish and monstrous. A doctor whose job is to preside over the mental health of an individual should probably inform them of the emotional risks associated with abortion. But instead her doctor took her $100+ an hour and convinced her that having an abortion “because she wanted to” was perfectly acceptable morally and legally.

What I’ve come to realize now is that it’s not. I did not want to be pregnant. I did not want this child. Yes, I COULD have done it, but I can do a lot of things. People make choices every day that we find morally abhorrent, but they are not expected to justify their decision to anyone.

False equivalency, the bastion of Liberalism. People who choose to do morally abhorrent things do have to justify them to a jury of their peers. This notion that a woman is above judgment for her crimes is an untrue position which the Left attempts to maintain in order to keep the debate left-of-center. This woman killed her child. No matter how she wants to paint it that is the reality of the situation.

I sincerely respect people who believe life begins at conception – and do not mean to undermine that in any way… But the idea that I have to justify WHY I made a life choice I did so everyone around me feels safe about it is incredibly demeaning. So please – hate me. I’m okay with it.

We hate the political system which enabled you to go against your own maternal instincts. We hate the academic system which gives fabricated authority to Marxists who peddle a Pro-Death agenda masked under a veil of science. We hate the doctors cut your child from your body and sold it’s parts for thousands of dollars.

But we do not hate you. We pity you.

After everything was over last week (And believe me it was horrible, I would not wish it on anyone…) I felt relief. I felt like myself again. I know I made the right choice, I know that I did what is best for me.

For all their talk about helping others the Left is quick to take an easy out when that help means they are personally inconvenienced. If you read more of that Reddit thread you will see the vast majority of women took her side. One user writes:

I did not want to be pregnant. I did not want this child.

The reason I’m pro-choice is that I want every child to be born wanted. You did the right thing.

Again we see the surrender-first mentality of the Left. Something could be hard so just don’t do it. They fully believe that a person coming into this world without all the luxuries they crave has no chance at a meaningful life. I would like to introduce this user to Gianna Jessen:

The woman who posted this admission addressed it to the “haters”. Yet much like when she went to see a Marxist Therapist she isn’t speaking to any opposition. She is screaming in an echo chamber, hearing what she wants to hear and using it as a justification for her actions. Actions that, in her heart, she knew were wrong. This is why we must continue our fight. This is why we must listen to Mrs. Jessen when she says that is a battle between life and death. When confronted with this sort of brazen Pro-Death rhetoric do not temper your message. Speak the truth on the importance of Life as our Savior has instructed you.

You might just save a life.