Christian Nationalists stand with the Front National.

Kevin Ambrose
February 7th, 2017.


As Christian Nationalists we must remember that our struggle is not limited to the United States. Christians across the world are fighting to keep their nations free from Marxist influence. No where are the dangers of the Leftist ideology more prominent than France. A victim of dozens of terror attacks since 9/11 the French people have been held captive by an openly Socialist government who cares more for immigrants than their own people.

So dire was the situation in France last year that their Prime Minister told citizens to get used to terrorism as though there was no solution to the problem. Much like in America this defeatism in the face of Islamic terrorism went a long way in fueling the fires of populism. From the ashes of the French Republic is rising a source of hope for all of Europe: the Front National.

Pictured: Marine (left) and Marion Le Pen

Led by French Presidential candidate Marine Le Pen the Front National (FN) seeks to return France to sane economic and social policies. Much like the populist movement in Great Britain the FN operates on a nationalist platform which opposes globalist platforms like the European Union and United Nations. A Frexit movement to withdraw France from the EU could very well be the death blow to Marxist control over mainland Europe. This is exactly what the Le Pen family has been working toward for decades.

The FN’s conservative reach is not limited to Marine. Her niece Marion Le Pen is perhaps the fastest rising star in nationalist politics today. Her vocal stance on issues ranging from self-defense to the fabricated “Refugee Crisis” have been a great cause for concern among the Left. An article on states:

“Marion Le Pen, another leading figure in the extreme-right party — and a granddaughter of Jean-Marie and niece of Marine — has characterized France as a Christian nation, and even gone so far as to insist that Muslims “cannot have exactly the same rank” as Catholics in society.

Marion’s defense of France is awe-inspiring. Like a modern day Joan of Arc she is leading France in battle against the forces of evil that would like nothing more than to see Paris burn. No better example of this defiance in the face of crippling Marxism exists than her recent speech before Parliament on the merits of the French Pro-Life movement:

Take note of how Marion handles herself in the video above. That is precisely how we, as Nationalists, must conduct ourselves. While the Leftists jeer and vocalize their opposition we must be eternally defiant and secure in the righteousness of our cause. The days compromise and shame are over in the Western world. We will not longer allow these parasites to destroy our birthright. We will defend Christendom.

We salute the Le Pens and the Front National in their defense of the French people and we look forward to seeing the future President Marine Le Pen Drain Le Swamp.

Hail Christ’s Victory.