The Left is a Death Cult

Kevin Ambrose
February 6th, 2017.

There is no issue more hotly contested in the political landscape of America than abortion. There is also no issue that is more complex due to debate being tainted by empty rhetoric and emotional appeal. Our enemy has intentionally made the conservation as convoluted as possible. Their goal, at every turn, is to separate the argument from it’s spiritual basis. They aim only to silence the Holy Spirit and push our society further the embrace of God. They treat abortion as a Satanic Sacrament, a sign of their rejection of God and His laws. They do this because they are a death cult.

This is no more evident than in the terminology used in the debate itself. By defining the words we use they define the very essence of the conflict. A perfect example of this is how they claim to be “Pro-Choice” when they are simply Pro-Death. By allowing them to use the kinder, gentler title we are letting them move the goal posts away from the truth. By granting them this concession we allow them to deflect the severity of their own position. The brutal reality of the Left is that the only choices they care about are the choices that further an agenda of death. They do this too because they are a death cult.

To the Death Cult Pro-Choice Is Really Pro-Death

The Left is inherently weak due to the complete lack of a Godly foundation. Their ideology lacks the strength which only faith in the Lord can grant a people. Because of this a lot of their platform comes from a position of surrender. When they advocate for abortion their argument is often that it’s better for the child to be killed than for he or she to grow up unwanted. When they push for assisted suicide it’s not out of compassion but rather because they want the State to reflect their inner rottenness. They have a fundamental need for the State to be a reflection of the self-hatred that has filled the void which their godlessness has created. In order for the death cult to prosper all righteous opposition must be silenced. Once that is accomplished they will always pick the easiest solution. They will always choose death over life.

This is why we must always remember that the Left operates on a slippery slope. What started yesterday as abortion “in the case of emergency” is today abortion “on demand without apology”. Tomorrow it will be “dignity”. Yet it didn’t take long for a perfectly healthy woman to use the program due to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. They defend this act with the same zealousness as they did the cancer stricken woman who had no chance at recovery. This weakness is in line with the hedonistic principles of the Satanic religion which motivates the Left. Anton LaVey, the founder of the Church of Satan himself wrote:

“Don’t run, if you can walk. Don’t walk, if you can stand. Don’t stand, if you can sit. Don’t sit, if you can lie down. Don’t stay awake, if you can take a nap.”

This sort of intellectual and emotional laziness is integral to the spirituality of the Left. It is what we must always remember when engaging in debate on the importance of Life. The foundation of their success over the past many decades is anchored by our willingness to compromise. They move us inch by inch to the Left, year after year, generation after generation by telling us not to run, but to walk. Not to walk, but to stand still, not to stand still, but to sit. They tell us that America is built on compromise and to just give a little more, then a little more after that. Then the next thing you know that inch has become a mile, that mile then becomes ten and before you know it you’ve got nothing left to give. Then you’re living in a new world which you do not recognize. A world that lacks the strength of faith in God. A world without hope. For the death cult to prosper that is all they need. Once they have that footing we will see a lot more depressed 20 year old women going in to be put down like dogs.

This is why we must not compromise on matters which are integral to our faith. We must recognize that the “progressive” agenda only progresses toward death. As Christian Nationalists we must stop abiding by their rules. We must call it as we see it. They are not pro-choice, they are pro-death. We must bring attention to the agenda of the death cult at every turn. When we bring light upon their darkness they will turn away like vampires from the rising Sun.

The Pro-Life struggle is about a lot more than just abortion. We must resist death in all it’s manifestations, lest it consumes us all.