About Christian Nationalism

Who We Are:

ChristianNationalism.com is the official media outlet of the Christian Nationalist Alliance and a leading resource about Christian Nationalism in the United States.

Our Mission:

We publish opinions on current events through the lens of Christian ethics and from the political perspective of Nationalism. We believe in the principle of America First and advocate the Three C’s: Christianity, Culture and Capitalism.

Our Positions:

The Christian Nationalist Alliance affirms the following:

  1. Jesus Christ is the Son of God and savior of man.
  2. All life, from conception until death, is sacred and the right to life is paramount.
  3. These United States of America were founded by Christian men upon Christian tenets. Freedom of Religion is not an excuse to divorce the American culture from it’s origins. We will defend our rights as Christians in all aspects of American life.
  4. Marriage is an institution sanctioned by God between one man and one woman.
  5. There are two genders and all attempts to claim otherwise are an attempt to further pervert the glory of the Creation.
  6. The family is the cornerstone of Western Civilization and should be protected from government intrusion and manipulation.
  7. Every American has the right to practical self-defense and the right to bear arms is as important as any of our other liberties.
  8. Capitalism is the best system for social development and Christian Charity the world has ever known. It must be preserved and promoted as the solution to the social and economic problems caused by Communism.
  9. Strong borders are a necessity for a safe and prosperous society.
  10. Islam is a heretical perversion of the Judeo-Christian doctrine and must be recognized and treated as a threat to America and Western Civilization as a whole.

How You Can Help:

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