A Tale of Two Nations: Examining the Culture War in America.

Kevin Ambrose
January 27th, 2017.

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…

America is a nation divided by Right vs Left, Capitalist vs Socialist, God-fearing vs secular. We are constantly reminded that this diversity of thought manifests itself in all aspects of our society. This divide is quickly becoming a chasm and no where was that Culture War apparent than in Washington D.C. this month.

Women’s March 2017

Photo credit: Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty Images

The Left’s degeneracy was on full display in the nation’s Capital for 2017’s Woman’s March. As the picture above shows the rabid and delusional horde of liberals continued to reduce womanhood to insulting levels by wearing Pussyhats during the march. These hats coupled with numerous signs again prove that the Left views women in impure, overly indulgent terms. Terms in which a womanhood is defined only by genitals and vulgar defiance of Western Civilization. This was reasserted by the Satanists who partook in the march in order to demand the right to murder their unborn children. While such things are expected from Satanists and their ilk it is always disturbing to see how mainstream their ideology is becoming in the modern Left.

The march was littered with foul mouthed feminists and cult-like leftists who were pushing a delusional message that was both Anti-Trump and Anti-American in tone. This raging dumpster fire was further fanned by the so-called “celebrities” in attendance, one of whom insinuated that President Trump was sexually aroused by his own daughter:

Not much can summarize the disgrace of liberalism like the above videos. Here we have two multi-millionaire’s claiming to represent every day American women yet the only commonality they have to bond over is menstrual cycles and an ill-conceived hatred of men. Men like President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence.

In the minds of these delusional Leftists there is no problem in the world that men (specifically white men) are not responsible for. From the myth of global warming to every conflict in the world past or present women like these will find a way to make the lurking specter of white men as the common denominator of them all. When Madonna says that Trump is a risk to all marginalized people she is referring to every single person who is not a white, heterosexual male. Their opposition to Trump administration is not rooted in policy but rather in the fact that he is a white, Protestant male.

In that we see the front line of the Culture War. The Left which constantly rails against racism is the same who claims that it is impossible to be racist against white people. While once a fringe concept the Democratic Party itself asserts that the job of white leaders is to silence white constituents:

The same Democratic Party which claims to represent diversity cannot wait to create a Nation in which everyone looks the same, thinks the same and makes the same wage. They do not want an equal society so much as they want a robotic, emotional hell in which breadlines replace assembly lines. This hypocrisy was furthered by Sharia Law activist Linda Sarsour who was a lead organizer for the March.

Now, to a sane person it might seem odd to see a Muslim woman attempting to spread Islamic values at an event that was designed to celebrate the freedom that American women enjoy. The Left, however, is not sane:

Photo Credit: Twitter Screenshot posted at Cheri Berens blog.

Yes, that is feminists wrapping themselves in an American flag hijab to show solidarity with a religion that forbids women from driving, voting and walking in public without a male relative. It is women proclaiming their allegiance to a culture that charges women with indecency when they fail to provide three male witnesses after a rape. They are tearfully bonding over their hatred of Christian America.

I need to stress the motivation here. The Left views the dangers of Islam through the lens of racism. While the stereotype of Islamic men is far worse than what they project upon white America it is excused due to institutional racism. They fully believe that Islamic men are raping their way across Europe because they have never been taught better. They believe that once the evils of Capitalism and Imperialism are extinguished that women and all the brown “marginalized” people will just live happily ever after in an egalitarian Utopia. Women like Sarsour capitalize on this hysteria by spreading Islam as a solution to, and not the cause of, women’s problems. The Left accepts this, simply because Islam is not a European ideology.

Ultimately that is what you can take away from the Woman’s March of 2017. It was hundreds of thousands of women marching for the right to be obscene, kill their unborn children and convert the rest to Islam in a show of solidarity against Christian civilization.

A huge part of President Trump’s success in 2016 was due to this radicalism. He gave the silent majority an outlet to once again be heard in the national conversation which the Left has dominated for the better part of a decade. The “forgotten man and woman” were forgotten no more as Christians, Nationalists, mothers, workers in the Rust Belt and every day freedom loving Americans came together to stand against the insanity of liberalism. Our populist rebellion highlighted the dishonesty of the mainstream media as they did everything they could to try and convince us that we, the deplorables, were a minority of a minority in the American landscape. They claimed we couldn’t win and when we did, they claimed we stole it. You can still see them struggling to accept the reality of the situation:

Yes, he is.

They continued this lie through the Women’s March. Claiming that a majority of women were rallying against Trump. When the reality is that roughly one in five women consider themselves to be feminists.

So where were the majority of American women? Let’s look in on the best of times.


March For Life 2017

Nearly five hundred thousand Pro-Life activists took to the front of the Culture War to make a stand against the Satanic sacrament of abortion. Unlike the vulgar crowds at the Woman’s March the March For Life was clean and respectable as women demanded to be viewed by more than just their genitalia and defined by more than their menstrual cycles. Half a million people came together to again remind the Left that we are here and we will not be ignored. A point that was reinforced by numerous speakers throughout the event:

“Let me make it very clear. We hear you, we see you, we respect you and we look forward to working with you.” -Kellyanne Conway

To further show his dedication to the Pro-Life movement in the Culture War President Trump sent Vice President Pence to speak to the masses. This was the first time that a Vice President had attended the March For Life in it’s 40 plus years:

“Life is winning again in America! -Vice President Mike Pence

The rising support for our President and our Pro-Life movement proves that God is still active in American life. He has blessed us with a second chance to retake our nation and right the wrongs of the last many decades. 2016 was the year of populism. 2017 will be the year of Christian Nationalism. Together we will Make America Righteous Again in the name of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

God bless everyone at the March For Life and God bless America.