Satanists march against President Trump.

Kevin Ambrose
January 26th, 2017.

Just in case you needed another reason to support President Donald J. Trump I present you with this video. It shows a group of a dozen Satanists joining in the inauguration protests. The woman leading this degenerate march proudly tells the camerawoman that they are from the Satanic Temple.

Those familiar with the occult may have heard of the Satanic Temple in the past. Unlike many other above ground Satanic groups they are open about their Leftist political leanings and go to great lengths to garner media attention like this:

Make note of the use of children in this Satanic monument.

Their most successful public display of indecency came in 2015 when they unveiled the above statue in Detroit after abandoning plans to force the state government of Oklahoma to display it next to a monument of the Ten Commandments. The Satanic Temple successfully crowdsourced the construction of this statue, raising over $20,000 from 1,000+ donors.

The video continues with the woman explaining that “We’re Atheists and we’re Satanists.” To many of our readers that will be a confusing statement but it is the position that most above ground Satanists today take. It is a contradicting ideology that I summarize in my upcoming book Digital Darkness: Protecting Children From Satanism on the Internet as:

It’s often said that the Devil’s greatest trick is convincing man that he does not exist. Anton LaVey and his carnival inspired church follow in those footsteps by presenting a contradicting platform that proclaims to be the leading and defining voice on Satanism in America. Imagine, if you would, a new religion based on the Holy Bible. This group calls themselves the New Church of Christ and claims that Christ never existed and never died but that the story of his sacrifice is metaphorical for how men should treat one another. This group then advocates praying to Christ as a means of mediation and self-improvement but there is nothing mystical about the act. The hypothetical “New Church of Christ” then uses it’s contacts in the media to shout down the Protestant, Orthodox and Catholic Churches who actually believe in the divinity of Christ. Within a few years the New Church of Christ’s positions are accepted as law on the Christian faith and begin to overshadow the legitimate Christian institutions. While this may seem far fetched it is exactly what LaVey accomplished in a mere two decades from the comforts of his Black House.

Anton LaVey was the founder of the Church of Satan, the ideological base which the Satanic Temple borrows the entirety of it’s religious dogma from. Those teachings state that Satan (much like God) does not exist but rather serves as a metaphor for “human nature” which they erroneously claim is animalistic in origin. Unlike the Church of Satan, who tends to shun such public displays of rampant liberalism, the Satanic Temple thrives on it. From raising funds for abortions (which earned them double their Satanic monument funds) to desecrating the grave of an anti-homosexual Preacher’s mother the Satanic Temple has never shied away from liberal limelight.

So their march against Trump was no surprised to those of us who have endured their antics in the past. Nor was it shocking to hear the woman of this blasphemous parade tell the camerawoman that “we want to protect you.” which only means “we want to protect your right to kill your unborn child.” They wish to see women further removed from their rightful place as mothers and nurturers of Western Civilization and reduced to indulgent harlots whose only concern is whether or not they can murder their own progeny. They are passionate about this because abortion has become this generations Satanic sacrament. In another time this woman would be encouraging women to throw their children into the fire to honor Moloch.

Times change, people change, the Devil and his servants do not.