Linda Sarsour arrested in publicity stunt.

Kevin Ambrose
March 8th, 2017.


When Pro-Sharia activist Linda Sarsour first announced the Day Without A Woman protest I imagined a day in which women across the country would do their best to be unseen and unheard to remind us of the important roles they fill in society. Instead it was quite the opposite. Sarsour instructed her legions of privileged women to:

Take the day off from both paid and unpaid labor, avoid shopping for one day, and wear red in solidarity.

In typical fashion the coordinated outburst was more of a mild annoyance than a revolution. While several schools were forced to close due to the feminist skip day life in America mostly went on as usual. Rather than reminding us of their importance by staying out of sight the press-hungry Sarsour instead opted to remind us why feminists are obnoxious hypocrites:

Sarsour arrested in publicity stunt.

In the past we’ve covered the true agenda of the Women’s March. Under Sarsour’s leadership they stand only to further a Marxist-Islamic agenda under the veil of women’s rights. The “Day Without A Woman” turned into nothing more than a spectacle as Sarsour was arrested in an obvious publicity stunt:

Sarsour arrested in publicity stunt.
How exactly does one take a group selfie in the back of a police van? More collusion from the City of New York?

If feminists want to wear red perhaps they should do so for the countless oppressed women across the Muslim world. That nation-wide solidarity would go a long way to bring attention to the honor killings, forced incestuous marriages and sex slavery that women endure under the very system that Sarsour wants to subject American women to.

But alas, no. Instead this is a platform for women who already enjoy equality to complain about a fabricated wage gap while spreading a baseless fear that the Donald Trump Presidency is going to result in women losing their social standing. These women actually believe that through Nationalism women are going to be relegated back to role of house wives. That they won’t be able to hold political office, work or drive cars. They think that open season is going to be declared on women and that sexual predators will attack at every turn and victims will go unheard and forced to produce three witnesses for every attack.

You know, like in Saudi Arabia. The same Saudi Arabia which Sarsour upholds as a great example for the United States:

Shame, indeed.

We haven’t heard the last from Linda Sarsour and her Marxist-Islamic alliance. This is the second in what will be a long line of publicity stunts aimed at softening the cultural barriers which protect us from destructive, foreign influences. It is important that we do not ignore or disregard the well-funded stunts that organizations like The Women’s March pull. If we do, we may just find ourselves the next Germany:

Not on our watch.