The Left In Their Own Words: Women’s March

Kevin Ambrose
February 10th, 2017.


If you thought the radical liberals of the Women’s March were going to away after their march wrapped up I have some bad news for you. George Soros’ check cleared and they are turning their platform into a general Anti-Western Civilization echo chamber as proven by their Twitter feed:

Typical emotional nonsense. The rights of Americans, as promised by the Constitution, is of more importance than globalist/Communist rhetoric about who deserves what. Women’s March is advocating for a “New America” not out of concern for the “immigrant” but rather because they need this new voting base to attempt to wrestle the nation away from the salvation of Nationalism.

Typical juvenile nonsense. Pay close attention to this because it’s all that Women’s March and the Left in general has to offer. They’ve lost in the political arenas so now all they can do is disrupt. They riot, they break windows, obstruct highways, or in this case block a fellow woman from doing her job. They are children throwing a tantrum that is quickly bordering on domestic terrorism.

This talking point has yet to tire. Saying that Hillary won the Popular Vote is like saying that the Falcons actually won the Super Bowl because Tom Brady is a racist. Yet this doesn’t stop liberals from trying to move the goal posts away from Representative Democracy and toward a chaotic mob rule which only favors the morally and financially bankrupt state of California. What they won’t tell you is that Clinton “won” the meaningless Popular Vote by the same margin of Illegal Aliens who California and other border states allowed to vote. Pure coincidence, of course.

For those who don’t know Keith Ellison he is a Congressman from Minnesota that is running for head of the Democratic National Committee. Ellison is a Muslim, a radical Leftist and an Anti-Semite who has been handpicked to continue the Bernie Sanders Communist revolution within the Democratic Party. For his supporters to be so vocal in support of unvetted immigrants only further proves that the Left’s main goal is not the safety of Americans but rather a deeper voting pool for 2018 and beyond.

By this point you might be asking yourself what any of this has to do with Women? That was, after all, the entire point of this march which drummed up hundreds of thousands of supporters and millions in revenue. The answer is nothing. The Women’s March has nothing to do with women.

It was always intended for this. To be a blanket platform of Anti-Christian, Anti-Capitalist, and Anti-Culture propaganda. It was designed to encourage average women to view American men as their enemies. Women’s March organizer Linda Sarsour has worked very hard to convince women that they are victims of Western men and that Islam is their chance at freedom. No where was this more apparent than the Women’s March event itself where middle-aged feminists shed tears while donning American flag hijabs like the one in the event’s logo:

Women's March

Women's March

This is message from the Women’s March and the radical Left in general. Law and Order means Control and Oppression but burkas and Sharia law means freedom and equality. Their true colors are on display now and the greater our success the louder and more violent their opposition will be.

We will be watching. Stay tuned to for updates on our struggle to free our nation from the evils of liberalism.