Let Us Pray: The Trump Family’s Declaration of Holy War.

Kevin Ambrose
February 22nd, 2017.


There is a war waging for the soul of America. Melania Trump took the microphone at President Trump’s Florida rally to declare which side of that war her family is on:

Let us pray. Three simple, beautiful words. This was more than just a call to honor our Creator. It was a declaration of war against the enemies of God who have entrenched themselves in the mountains of media, entertainment and government. After eight years of godlessness and ridicule the Trump family has reasserted the importance of God in every day American life.

And the Left is not happy:

Let us pray

The Left has always abused the English language. They have redefined racism so that it’s exclusively a platform of “whiteness”. Then they expanded the boundaries of rape to include consensual acts. Now, since the election of President Trump, they’ve determined anyone who stands against their agenda of death is a “fascist.”

This level of decisive arrogance is nothing new either and further proves that the Left has moved away from all platforms of meaningful debate. Their solution to every situation is to scream talking points, insults and threaten violence. They spent the better part of this year advocating that it’s acceptable to physically assault “Nazis” and now they are broadening the definition to include every day Christian Americans who support the President of the United States.

This culture war was prominent during the Obama regime. Under the Department of Homeland Security Christians were ranked as a higher threat than Muslims, a foolish stance that the Trump administration has since reversed. But that is how the Left views you. Your desire for a safe and secure nation with a rich economy and culture is indicative of “fascism”. A word, which like racist and rape, they have hijacked to fit a Marxist agenda. It creates an atmosphere in which we cannot debate these people. In their eyes we’re already the enemy. We are the “brownshirts”, a contrarian force that believes in a God that they reject. We stand no more of a chance of recruiting these Communists to our righteous cause than they have in convincing us to abandon our faith and Western culture.

With that in mind we must turn our attention from debate to our works. We must drag these people into a better America kicking and screaming if necessary. Melania Trump’s prayer was for more than the soul of America. It was also a declaration of our intent to move forward in spite of the caustic elements which are attempting to hold us back.

The Patheos article above ended up with an unsourced quote: ““When fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.” I believe the following from Sir Winston Churchill to be more accurate:

Pray for the Trump family. Pray for America. Pray for each other. This fight is just beginning.