Madeleine Albright stands with the enemy.

Kevin Ambrose
January 26th, 2017.


Madeleine Albright has made a career off of enabling America’s enemies across the globe. From crippling sanctions on the people of Iraq to her role in the Rwanda Genocide Secretary Albright and most Democrats have been on the wrong side of healthy foreign policy for a long time. In her long list of potential war crimes nothing stands out more than Albright’s State Department aiding and mobilizing Muslims against the Christian Serbs in the 1990’s. Her diplomatic career is littered with Anti-European, Anti-American and Anti-Christian positions.

With that in mind it is not surprising to see Albright pushing yet another fabricated Refugee Crisis. Yesterday we reported about the horrors that ISIS is inflicting in Syria and we mentioned the wholesale genocide that is being perpetrated against what ISIS calls the “People of the Cross“. Yet despite this well documented fact only half of a percent of refugees granted asylum in the United States has been Christian.

This is not an opinion. This is a fact that is presented by the statistics. We need to be very clear about what the Left means by “Refugees Welcome” because they will obscure the true meaning behind their rhetoric and propaganda. When they say this, when they scream it from rooftops, they are saying: “Muslims Welcome.” The more radical the better.

This Leftist propaganda is nothing short of weaponized globalism. Their intention isn’t to rescue displaced Arabs but rather to displace European and American citizens by bringing Syria right into our backyards. Look closely at the pictures of the “refugees” and ask yourself where the women and children are? Ask yourself why all of these healthy, young men are not fighting for their country against ISIS?

The answer is quite simple: this is not a humanitarian crisis. It is a coordinated invasion that is supported by top ranking liberals from George Soros to Hillary Clinton. This marriage between Communism and Islam is a strange one given that Islam represents every single quality that the Left attempts to impose upon Christianity yet it is nothing new. This hypocritical alliance existed in the 1970’s when the Red Army Faction, a Marxist-Terrorist organization in Germany, trained extensively in Jordan with the Palestinian Liberation Army. Since then numerous globalists and Communists have expressed their admiration for Islam as being an ideal religion due to it’s socialist leanings and totalitarian nature.

Due to this the Left tolerates Islam despite their treatment of women, gays, non-believers, and everyone who doesn’t view the world exactly as they do. They tolerate them because they see them as a means to uproot the Anglo-Saxon Capitalist system that has made Western Civilization the greatest in the history of the world. They will stop at nothing to keep us from maintaining our traditions, our culture and our faith. If that means they have to import one million Muslims a year they will do it. They will do it and they will make excuses when the inevitable terror attacks begin.

President Donald Trump and Christian Nationalists across this country understand this threat and we understand how to manage it. Our President has already blocked new refugees from several Arab and African nations that put our citizens at risk. He is also considering a database to better help intelligence agencies keep track of these potential terrorists already in our country.

Albright takes issue with this as well:

Solidarity with men who want to strip all fundamental rights under our Constitution?

Solidarity with men who want to bar women from driving, let alone serving in high positions of government?

Solidarity with a religion which dictates the gruesome executions of non-believers, homosexuals and drug users?

Solidarity with men who want to destroy every aspect of our culture?

That is the difference between men like President Trump and rabid globalists like Madeline Albright. President Trump is with you. Madeline Albright is with the enemy.