Communist agitators assault man on his way to work.

Kevin Ambrose
January 23rd, 2017

WARNING: Foul language.

I would like to be very clear about my position on the disgrace shown in this video. Violence is never right. Self-defense is never wrong.

What this video shows us is the reality of the atmosphere of present day America. it is a window into the violent chaos that has become the foundation of a floundering left-wing in our nation. It shows your average American walking on his way to work only to be confronted by the radical fringe which threatens the very fabric of our Republic. Upon forcing his way through their makeshift roadblock he is assaulted and defends himself accordingly.

What ensues is typical when Communists are confronted with any sort of consequence. First the offending party switches from the aggressors to the victims, a role they play superbly well. Next they begin to strategically abandon their ideological positions by stating the following:

  • You hit a woman!: While I am in agreement that violence against women is not justified I do believe the gentleman in the video when he says that he didn’t know the person assaulting him was a woman as her actions and dress are far from lady-like. However, are the Communists not the one’s who claim that gender is a social construct? In any other situation they will assert that there are no biological differences between a man and a woman. If that is true then why does it a matter that a woman was punched in the face?
  • Are you going to arrest him?: A key position of the Communist Left in America is anti-police and anti-law in general. These people, as a collective, demand the release of mass murderers, domestic and foreign terrorists, gang members and drug dealers all while condemning the system which punishes them. Yet the moment they find tangible opposition to their “revolution” they immediately turn to that same system in search of aid.
  • We are the workers!: A big reason why Donald J. Trump is President of the United States is because the Left has transitioned from a workers’ movement to a cesspool of pseudo-intellectuals and over-educated professional complainers. The average American worker has nothing in common with the modern Left and this video proves it. Here is a real worker, trying to get work yet being obstructed by people who claim to be workers yet have no jobs.

It’s important to note that the Left does not view the above as hypocrisy. They live by a system in which it’s permissible to assault Sheila Gunn Reid because of her Conservative political views but it is unacceptable for a man to defend himself in a chaotic, confrontational and potentially dangerous situation.

Making America Great Again will not be an easy road. The perverted hell that has taken root in our culture over the past eight years will not just go away silently. As the thugs in this video show us they are willing to fight. They just don’t know what to do when we fight back.

And we will continue to fight back. For our faith, for our country and for our children.