Adventures in Liberalism: Flying with Hillary supporters.

Kevin Ambrose
January 25th, 2017

This election cycle has taught us many things. First and foremost that God is still merciful and active in American life. Secondly that our works can grant us a reprieve and turn us back from the precipice of complete and total destruction. And as demonstrated in the video above –no good deed will go without rabid resistance from the Satanic Left in this country.

It is with that last point in mind that I present you Adventures in Liberalism a running series in which normal, hard working Americans are confronted by the seven-headed hydra of the American Left. In this installment we meet Scott Koteskey who was flying home to Montana after attending the inauguration of President Donald John Trump in Washington D.C. Upon taking his seat he promptly triggered the woman sitting next to him.

Mr. Koteskey’s crime? He politely answered a question regarding his support for the President of these United States of America. What ensues is a sad yet typical deluge of liberal insults. The video breaks down as follows:

  • Immediately upon sitting down she asks him if he is there to “Celebrate or protest.” Mr. Koteskey replies that he’s there to: “Celebrate our democracy, ma’am.”
  • When the Flight Attendant arrives she demands that the man be forced to change seats simply because of his support for the President.
  • While the Flight Attendant is getting security the liberal harpy continues by asserting that Mr. Koteskey thinks he has the “moral high ground”. Which, of course, he does. Mr. Koteskey supports an administration that is Pro-Life, Anti-War and Nationalistic. There is no higher ground in modern American politics.
  • Next she begins the typical liberal tirade of non sequiturs and wide-eyed insults. She proclaims that he put President Trump’s finger on the “nuclear button” yet she undoubtedly supported the failed Obama regime which gave us a nuclear Iran. Then she jumps to (air quotes)“climate change”(air quotes) which she, for some reason, equates to the demonstrable Law of Gravity. Confused yet? So was Mr. Koteseky.
  • Not even a minute into the video security is already there to remove her from the plane. Impressive timing, I must say. She quickly refuses this request to exit the airplane and asserts that she “paid for this seat”. This statement is important as it highlights the faux superiority of the liberal mindset. Mr. Koteskey also paid for his seat, which she demanded he vacate just second prior. Her rights are more important than his because he’s a deplorable Trumpian. This is a perfectly acceptable position in modern liberalism.
  • When the reality of her situation sets in she switches to something more common: “He was in my space!” While Mr. Koteskey is not a small man he certainly isn’t large enough to facilitate such a complaint either and it rightly falls on deaf ears. Further fueling her dismay.
  • Now grasping for straws the woman reverts to the safety net of Liberalism and plays the victim. She says that her husband’s (who has been entirely silent to this point) mother has just died and they are returning from a funeral. You will find that this is common when liberals are confronted for their rude behavior. They always have an emotional catalyst to explain it all away. When it doesn’t work she demands the Flight Attendant “show some respect” in an interactive interpretation of Matthew 7:5.
  • Unfortunately for her it doesn’t work this time. The Police are called to remove her from the flight. Her husband attempts to barter their way out of the situation by asking if they could swap seats and she could quiet down. It’s not for me to say but something tells me that this isn’t Mr. Harpy’s first rodeo in regards to his wife’s liberal proselytizing. It ultimately fails like a Clinton campaign and she and her husband are escorted by police off of the plane to the sounds of clapping and chants of USA! In a last display of class the woman raises the middle finger to the passengers on her way out the door.

This is nothing new. Ivanka Trump herself was insulted by a passenger while flying with her family after the election. The further we pull America back from the abyss of liberalism the more they will lash out. If you ever see an outburst like the one above be sure to film it. Every incident is just further proof that we do, indeed, have the moral high ground.

God bless Mr. Koteskey and God bless America.